User Researcher

Hello, I am Konstantin – I help companies understand the needs & routines of their customers.

User Experience Research

What I do

I am fascinated by digital products that create value in people’s lives and help humans reach their goals.

Qualitative Research

Observing and interviewing users in order to understand their routines and identifying usability issues during product interactions.

Quantitative Research

Analyzing large sample data sets in order to understand trends, patterns and correlations.

UX Research kick-off

I will initiate and scale a full user research process in your company including tools and internal capacities.

1-1 Mentoring

I will support your journey of becoming a User Researcher and teach you the skills you need to be successful.

Konstantin Escher

Who I am

I am a social and decision making psychologist with 7+ years of mixed methods research experience.

Operational Research

In the last 7+ years I was planning and executing 100+ research projects across a large bandwidth of qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

People Management

I have 3+ years of experience in team leadership, growing and developing researchers across all levels of seniority.

Public Speaking

From company wide presentations to large external audiences, I turn research results into relatable stories.

Get in touch

Where you find me

I would love to chat with you online or in your favorite café in Berlin.

Read my Medium blog

Over the last six years, I kept writing a Medium blog about UX research as a career, different methodologies, tools and processes. The blog has been viewed over 75’000 times.

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Let’s start a conversation on LinkedIn. I would like to see how I can help you understand your users better.

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Easy and quick – just write me an email to email@konstantinescher.de – I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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