Hi, I am Konstantin –
a social and decision making psychologist, helping individuals and organizations set up and scale user research. I am based in Berlin.

My mission

I believe that business success is based on customer satisfaction. You need to understand your users and customers well in order to make educated decisions. I will help you get started with user research and support you in bringing the customers’ voice to life. From planning to execution and reporting, I am a mixed methods user researcher with 7+ years of hands-on research experience. I will help you identify research needs and support in project execution and delivery. Also, I will enable you to scale user research internally and set you up in terms of tools and workflows.


You want to enter the field of user research? I will support you getting started in a personal 1-1 mentoring program. We will meet every second week for three months, review your CV and portfolio, develop your skills around methodologies, analytics and user interviews. I will prepare you for your job interviews and provide insights into the life within a startup or larger tech organization.

Services for companies


From qualitative to quantitative research, I support your team on all stages of the user research process. From problem definition to exploration of research needs, methodology definition and study design, execution, analysis and reporting – you can rely on my 7 years of hands-on research experience.


If you struggle to get user research up and running, I will help you make key decisions while building a company internal user research process. I have experience growing user research from one individual to a company wide department, and establishing it as a core activity during product exploration and design definition.


User Research can only shine when it is well accepted and understood as a core process during product development. I will help you sell research internally and create an explorative mindset around user-centricity.


There is nothing like users vs. business, instead, UX and business interests walk hand in hand. I will help you translate UX into business, shift your research focus towards business needs and help you define a UX strategy.


I am based in Berlin and you can find me in the cafés between Volkspark Friedrichshain and Tiergarten. I am looking forward to meeting you offline or online.

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