My work

In the last seven years I ran user research for a list of different companies. Google was my first ever client during my Masters studies: We ran eye tracking to improve public transit on Google Maps. As Jr. UX Researcher at HERE Technologies, I ran eye-tracking studies and usability testings. For the last five years at OneFootball, I ran 100+ qualitative and quantitative studies, but also worked with our closest business partners. That gave me the chance to directly run research for and with companies like Adidas, Betway and Sky.

A selection of companies I ran user research for.

Qualitative User Research

Understanding your users’ needs and routines

I offer years of interviewing experience. In a very collaborative process, active stakeholder management, frequent updates and interactive digestion of learnings, I will plan and execute qualitative user research for you and your company.

Usability Testing

In this series of structured interviews, you will learn whether people can intuitively understand and use your product or service.

Ethnographic / Contextual Inquiry

Very often, you want to learn more about how people behave in their natural environment. This methodology enriches your understanding of users including people’s homes, social context and life circumstances.

In-depth interviews

This methodology allows you to learn more about the routines, preferences and lifestyle of your users. You will learn how your service fits into the lives of your customers and how it solves their problems.

Focus Groups

This methodology allows you to learn more about the feelings and opinions of people about your product and service, including the group dynamic and discussions evolving from having multiple people in the room.

Competitor Analysis

This methodology explores how other companies solved the problems that you currently face. You can identify best practices, get inspiration and learn from the best in your product area.

Quantitative User Research

Digging into the numbers

As a social and decision making psychologist, I have conducted 50+ surveys in the last years. In order to validate your qualitative findings or to learn more about your users’ opinions, I will plan, execute and report data based on larger samples.

User Surveys

Good question phrasing, avoiding answer bias and reflective data analysis are key to get learnings out of quantitative data. I will plan and analyze surveys with your customers or an interesting reference group.

Card Sorting

I will uncover key findings around relevance, device preference, contextual usage and mental map in order to define the information architectures for your product.

Data Analysis in R

I use R (including Markdown and Shiny) to analyze survey data. You will own the code script and if you want to grow R skills in your team, I am happy to conduct workshops and teach the language.

A/B design comparison

During your solution discovery phase, your design ideas could receive quick user feedback. This quick methodology provides instant value without slowing down the designer in his work flow.

Growing UX research in your company

Setting the stage

From zero to fully operational: within 12 months I will enable you to own all user research capacities and skills you need to run and grow on your own. This three steps package is interesting for all companies who want to get started with User Research.

Implementation phase

1 month

We will define research needs, processes and tools and clarify key questions around customer reachability, tool implementations and overall collaboration. I will unlock capacities to execute research effectively, communicate seamlessly and provide value short and long term.

Operational phase

4 months

I will execute research based on a prioritized roadmap. We will create a shared backlog of research needs, based on a product and business roadmap. I will work closely work product and design, adapt priorities and walk hand in hand as the product evolves. I will execute qualitative and quantitative research and report learnings into all layers of the company.

Mentoring phase

7 months

We will grow internal capacities to allow for ownership of research processes. We will hire a User Researcher into the new structure, once the process is established. I will support in the interviewing, selection and onboarding of the candidate. I will grow this person to master all challenges, allowing you to scale and run in the future.

1-1 Mentoring

Helping you grow into UX research

I help young professionals enter the field of user research. I will develop your skills around methodologies, analytics and user interviews. I will prepare you for your job interviews and provide insights into the life within a startup or larger tech organization.

You want to get into UX research?

You are in a phase of transition? You just finished your studies or want to shift your job focus into user research? You entered your first job but don’t feel secure yet? I want to help you develop your skills, grow your confidence and learn new models to set you up for a successful career in user research.

In this mentorship program I will offer you personalized coaching that is tailored to your needs. While having a clear development goal in mind, we always stay flexible enough to adapt to situations. Over the course of 3 months, we will meet every second week in focussed 1 hour video calls and explore different areas of user research as a profession, methodologies and stakeholder management, tackle your weaknesses and talk about valuable frameworks for different kinds of situations.

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